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Treat Smarter, Not Longer

At Crankworks PT, clients spend 100% of their time 1-on-1 with a doctor of physical therapy. If our clients are willing to spend their time and money with us we are committed to providing the highest quality of care for them.



Optimize Your Ride

Physical Therapists are experts in how the body moves, musculoskeletal pain, and ergonomics. Who better to perform bike fitting? All Crankworks PT bike fits are designed to accommodate YOUR riding style whether that is crit racing or cruising the greenway. 

  • The Crankworks PT Bike Fit:  Created for cyclists that spend a lot of time in the saddle, the fit assesses all touch points on the bike (feet to hands) plus the clipless pedal system and its integration into the 5 touch points on the bike. This fit ensures a fast, efficient yet sustainable riding position taking into account the rider's goals. 

  • The Flat Pedal Bike Fit: Created for the Greenway cruisers, parent pedalers, pub crawlers, commuters and mountain bikers. This is a complete bike fit that assesses all touch points on the bike (feet to hands). Sets up a comfortable and efficient riding position. 

Therapy Session


Years of Sports & Orthopedic Experience

Are you looking for cycling specific physical therapy? Come see Zac of Crankworks PT at Trinity Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine in Springdale. Visit for more info.

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